Architecture is not only a complex and technical challenge, but also a deeply enrooted cultural expression. Good architecture demands a multi-layered and analytic approach, and a strategically flexible design method.

Unique Design Solutions

We do not stockpile design solutions, and reproduce them over and over. Each client has their own wishes and ideas, so each building task is a new challenge that needs a unique and specific answer. Therefore, the analysis, research, and development are the most important parts of our design process, which help us to reach solutions that are optimal for the needs of our clients.


We don’t see designing just as a production of buildings and forms. We also see it as an implementation of specifically developed methods for several architectural challenges. This implementation, depending on the assignment and context, defines its own goals.

Beyond Architecture

Our architectural thinking goes beyond the limits of own discipline. We have profound and specific knowledge in urban planning and landscape design. We use spatial thinking on graphic and product design, and develop exhibitions and new media concepts.

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