Building Space

We offer the whole range of architectural services, from project studies to building projects. Our team is fully engaged at any scale, from a single room extension to an urban development. We study the options within the building regulations, and prepare documents for building permission. Our work includes on-site survey, managing building costs, and supporting you in the choice of construction and materials. Your architect will manage contacts with the planning and building authorities and other parties

Integrated Energy Consult

We have the best experience with an integrated approach to energy-efficient building design. Therefore, the energy simulation and calculation are done as part of the design process in order to optimize the building performance from the first volumetric studies to the last detail on site.

Designing and Evaluating Sustainabiliy

Sustainability is measurable. We use the German Sustainability Label (DGNB) as a guideline and design tool within our planning processes. From our research project we have been able to implement design strategies for cost-effective, eco-friendly, durable, and user-friendly constructions, which are now part of our daily practice, and lead to buildings which perform measurable better in terms of their sustainability.

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