Nov 11 2016 - Meier Leder - Mueller Sigrist + DGJ win Brisgi Baden

DGJ has won as the landscape architect in the team of Meier Leder from Baden and Müller Sigrist in Zürich - two ofiices that are sucessful innovators in communal housing design. Together they designed a neighborhood of alomst 160 new housing units along the river Limmat, 20km West of Zurich.

Exhibition 14.-28.11:

Am Montag, 14. November 2016 um 18.00 Uhr wird die Ausstellung der Wettbewerbsprojekte im Quartierraum Kappelerhof mit einer Präsentation und anschliessendem Apéro eröffnet. Dazu sind alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen.

Die Ausstellung kann dann bis Mittwoch, 23. November 2016 täglich besichtigt werden. Die Oeffnungszeiten sind von 15 bis 17 Uhr sowie am Freitag, 18. November von 20 bis 22 Uhr. Der Quartierraum befindet sich im Schulhaus Kapperlerhof (Bruggerstrasse 141, Baden).

Project Brisgi Baden the project

Presse- und Jurybericht

June 15 2016 - DGJ Frankfurt sucht Interessenten für Wohngruppe / Bauherrengemeinschaft

Okt 14 2015 - DGJ Architects & Landscapes win competition Westbroekpark.

Met de combinatie Groene Helden & Café Blossom heeft DGJ een winnend prijsvraagontwerp gemaakt voor het voormalige midgetgolfterrein in het Westbroekpark. Daarmee zijn wij geselecteerd uit 30 deelnemers om de komende 15 jaar invulling te geven aan een zeer bijzondere plek in één van de mooiste parken van Den Haag. Onze inzending bestond uit een dagrestaurant in een kas, gecombineerd met moes- en geurtuinen in een parkachtige omgeving waar plek is voor leisure, educatie en workshops. Ons ontwerp voor zowel de inpassing in het Westbroekpark, als het gebouw en de tuinen, naast een uitgebreid businessplan, heeft veel indruk gemaakt op de jury.

De komende tijd wordt het plan uitgevoerd. In het voorjaar van 2016 opent Blossom in the Park haar deuren. Wij houden u op de hoogte.

Feb 06 2015 - Artworks of Mark Rietmeijer in the Zeeheldentuin

The artworks of Mark Rietmeijer have been placed in the Zeeheldentuin! Mark offered the artworks, made between 1975 - 1986, to the garden and he really "loves it".

Feb 01 2015 - DGJ The Hague hosts young entreprenneur

DGJ decided after 2 good experiences to keep a permanent position as host of a young entrepreneur. If you are a young graduated landscape architect form the EU outside the Netherlands with excellent design skills and an interest in sustainable development you may be interested to become our guest sponsored by the EU for 6 months. We can also contribute some interesting suggestions for your business plan.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs aims at helping recently established and would-be entrepreneurs  to acquire relevant experience and skills for managing a small or medium sized enterprise, by working with an experience from another European country.  To participate in the program, you should apply online and contact your country's local partners via the website

Jan 26 2015 - Building the Zeeheldentuin

The Zeeheldentuin takes shape! Together with Verboon and Marco vd Helm, DGJ is working on the practical issues of the design. Slowly, but clearly the design of the garden is getting visible. We are proud that with work from volunteers, professionals and DGJ the project Zeeheldentuin has come to life.

Jan 06 2015 - Trainee Kreete Mägi The Hague, winner of a design competition

Congratulations to our YEP Erasmus Trainee Kreete Mägi in The Hague. She won a competition back home during her internship, creating the winning design for the Playground Kuressaare, Insel Saaremaa in Estonia.

We wish her good luck with the development of her plans!

Dec 18 2014 - Winner of Creative Industries Promotion Fund

The Groene Helden, Buurtlaboratorium, has been selected out of an open call 'Experimenting with City Labs' and thus receives a grant from the Creative Industries Promotion Fund for the implementation of our submitted project.

d following an open call 'Experimenting with City Labs and thus receives a grant from the Creative Industries Promotion Fund for the implementation of our project submitted.
Green Heroes is a collaboration of DGJ Architects & Landscapes, Tiessens Area Development and Green Heroes City Nursery.

The Groene Helden is a collaboration of DGJ Architects & Landscapes, Tiessens Area Development and Groene Helden City Nursery.

Dec 10 2014 - House For Sale

The house in the Mecklenburglaan 14 is for sale. At the moment the static and architectural beautifully designed house is used by a  Bed & Breakfast, named Parques. Around the house is a beautiful garden.

Nov 22 2014 - Successful participation project in the Zeeheldentuin

The first participation project in the Zeeheldentuin was very successful. Together with Guido Marsille and 40 volunteers we built furniture for the garden. Politician Joris Wijsmuller officially opened this weekend. DGJ was part of the organisation.

Nov 11 2014 - Meier Leder - Mueller Sigrist + DGJ win Brisgi Baden

DGJ has won as the landscape architect in the team of Meier Leder form Baden and Müller Sigrist in Zürich - two ofiices that are sucessful innovators in communal housing design. Together they designed a neighborhood of alomst 160 new housing units along the river Limmat, 20km West of Zurich.

Project Brisgi Baden the project

Exhibition 14.-28.11:

Am Montag, 14. November 2016 um 18.00 Uhr wird die Ausstellung der Wettbewerbsprojekte

im Quartierraum Kappelerhof mit einer Präsentation und anschliessendem Apéro eröffnet. Dazu sind alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen.


Die Ausstellung kann dann bis Mittwoch, 23. November 2016 täglich besichtigt werden. Die

Öffnungszeiten sind von 15 bis 17 Uhr sowie am Freitag, 18. November von 20 bis 22 Uhr. Der

Quartierraum befindet sich im Schulhaus Kapperlerhof (Bruggerstrasse 141, Baden).

Presse- und Jurybericht

May 21 2014 - DGJ's Zeeheldentuin at 4th Moscow Architecture Biennale

The Moscow Architecture Biennale invited DGJ Architects & Landscapes together with other professional landscape architects from Western Europe to participate in the Biennale with their design of the courtyard of an "Urban Block".

The Biennale will show DGJ's volunteer design for the Zeeheldentuin - a community garden in our own neighbourhood in The Hague.

The aim of the 'courtyards' show is to show how landscape architecture can contribute to a better living environment and can offer an enormous variety - something that is desparately needed in the uniform Russian housing area's. According to the curator Bart Goldhoorn "For Russia, landscape architecture as it is understood nowadays in Western Europe is still quite new, and foreign expertise is in high demand." - even from Europe, if sent with love.

21.-25.5. Central House of Artists, 10, Krymsky val, Moscow, Russia

Nov 01 2013 - Big Houses - Small Hpuses Exhibition

Awarded Architecture in Hessian 2008-2013

Opening of the Exhibition on Friday the 1 November 2013 at 8 pm.

2. November bis 8. December
Tue, Thr - Sun 11 - 18 Uhr
Wed 11 - 20 Uhr

Deutsches Architekturmuseum
Schaumainkai 43
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Okt 19 2013 - Breaking Ground in The Hague

Last week contractor Dura Vermeer was breaking ground for the Tasmanhof. After completion of this social housing project by local cooperation HaagWonen in Summer 2014 neighbours will start to build the community garden Zeeheldentuin. DGJ Architects & Landscapes have joined this initiative of locals ever since their choice fell on the vibrant Zeehelden neighbourhood in 2012. Now we are proud to sponsor them with a design that is currently being developed every monday with volunteers at our studio. For DGJ as for many other volunteers, neighbours and children the Zeeheldentuin is a dream becoming true. At DGJ we are most satisfied that so many inhabitants with help of the cooperation, local entrepreneurs, the city of The Hague and many supporting foundations could gather behind one manyfold design. We are sensing this a our most warm welcome in our newly chosen hometown.

Feb 13 2013 - Future of the Past: Exhibition of Wüstenrot design prize in Osnabrück

The nationwide design price of the Wüstenrot Stiftung 2012 under the title "Future of the Past - The renovation of buildings built between 1945 to 1979" in June, a price, and four awards were presented.

dgj155 passive remediation Mechenstraße Bonn received a Commendation.

The exhibition of the prize is now being shown in Osnabrück. The Lübeck architect Helmut Riemann speaks at the opening , who had received one of the awards.

Opening: 13 February 2013, 18 clock
Exhibition: 13 February 2013 to 11 March 2013, Mon-Fri 9-17 clock
Location: martini 50 - forum for architecture and design, Martini Strasse 50, 49078 Osnabrück

Feb 12 2013 - Opening Exhibition Corporate Architecture ETH Zurich

The third “Award for Marketing + Architecture” once again recognized outstanding corporate architecture. Architecture is an effective medium for projecting a brand in a way that makes a strong and lasting impression. Buildings and spaces create a location that offers customers a distinctive experience of the corporate identity while at the same time reinforcing it among members of staff.

At the award ceremony in April 2012 DGJ & Nau where awarded for their Raiffeisen bank branch at Kreusplatz Zürich. The jury were unanimous in declaring the Pilatus Kulm panorama gallery by Graber & Steiger Architekten.
The exhibition at the ETH Zurich by the Institute gta in collaboration with Baukoma AG, presents all the nominated projects and thus reflects the remarkable diversity of applied corporate architecture
Opening: Thursday, 14 February 2013, 6 p.m.; Auditorium E 3, HIL, Hönggerberg, ETH Zurich with Urs Bratschi, Baukoma AG, Philippe Carrard, gta  ETH Z Niklaus Graber und Christoph Steiger, Architects and Christoph Glaus, chairman Jury & Stücheli Architekten, Zürich
Exhibition until Thursday, 4. April 2013 Mo-Fr 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Architekturfoyer, HIL, Hönggerberg, ETH Zurich

Source gta

Feb 03 2013 - Zeehelden Garden The Hague on radio

DGJ's founding architect and landscape architect Daniel Jauslin presented a volunteer neighbourhood initiative in The Hague. With other designers and design students DGJ are preparing a community garden project to be opened in 2014 in our neighbourhood. Gardening in the city is enhancing social cohesion, attracting  families, improving ecological performance and resilience to water hazard. And it is fun for people of all ages! Volunteer Radio station RTVdiscus invited us for presentation and will keep the Radio show online for 3 months at rtv discus programme archive. video link

Okt 19 2012 - DGJ Architects & Landscapes @ International Conference in Venice

Freddy Curiél from DGJ Hong Kong has been invited as a speaker at the event held in Venice entitled "Architectures and Archaelogies of the Production Landscape".
During the 30 minutes intervention, a series of projects will be shown involving the regeneration of existing landscapes into new productive and sustainable realities. Among them, "Polder Inversion" and the latest "Re-Generation Delta" (dgj183) recently awarded during the Rio+20 UN conference held in Brazil last June.

July 15 2012 - Honorable Mention at the Wüstenrot Stiftung Award

The Future of the Past

DGJ Architects (Frankfurt am Main) received an Honorable Mention (3rd award category) for the modernization of an urban housing project in Bonn.

July 11 2012 - 3sat, hitec TV programme shows Minihaus, 11.07.2012, 6:30 / 9:15

July 10 2012 - Bonn project from DGJ made it to the final round at the Brillux Facade Award 2012

June 21 2012 - Federico Curiel awarded by Delta Alliance at Rio+20

The Delta Alliance Young Professionals Awarding ceremony at the Rio plus 20 honored DGJ's Federico ‘Freddy’ Curiel on a global podium.

The Awarding ceremony of the Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award took place in the UNEP pavilion at the Rio plus 20 Conference of Sustainable Development. Joop Atsma, State Secretary of the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment, and Tineke Huizinga (Chair of the International Governing Board of Delta Alliance and Chair of the International Jury of the Delta Alliance Young Professional Award) together handed the award to the three winning teams of the award.

During the event, the award winners personally presented their innovative solutions for the Pearl Delta (PR of China, Freddy Curiel), the Rhine-Meuse Delta (The Netherlands, Sander van Rooij, Emil Kuijs, Bert van Bueren) and the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta (California-USA, Richard Fisher, Ryan Whipple).

Curiel's project presents a multi-layered strategy for a sustainable management of the Pearl River Delta (PRD). Re-Generation Delta proposes a large scale micro-algae harvesting system, converting the farmland located by the coastline of the PRD into large scale open air harvesting-ponds. The newly established infrastructure will be realized to function as a physical barrier preventing eventual water flooding.

The winning teams will receive financial and organizational support to further elaborate their proposal in collaboration with the Dutch Wing, together with one of the eleven international Wings of the Delta Alliance.

DGJ is proud to contribute to the Rio+20 Conference, world leaders, along with thousands of participants shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to get to the future we want 20 years after the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio.

Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award promotes Innovative solutions for delta challenges worldwide.

June 15 2012 - TU Garden as a staged Landscape on Oerol 2012

For the second time in 2012 TU Dealft Landscape Architecture participates at Oerol Festival. This year with a Garden as a staged Landscape in front of the Centrum voor Natuur en Landschap.

The Project Voer the Wind has been designed and excectute by 7 Master Students of Landscape Architecture under tutoring of DGJ's Daniel Jauslin.

During 10 days of Oerol Festival we collectively build a Wadden Sea Island with sand and wind in interaction with the visitors. Every day an estimated 500 visitors participated in our collective Landscape Experience. Follow our daily updates on the blog.

June 09 2012 - Hidden Bubble Blow Garden open in Rotterdam

Come see the DGJ Architects & Landscapes garden on Verborgen Tuinen Dagen Rotterdam June 9 & 10. Bubble Blow Garden. Just a garden, as simple and as controversial as that.

10.30 to 16.30 hours.

Mecklenburglaan 14

programme and tickets at bookshops,  garden DIY Shops, Rotterdampas in  Gemeentebibliotheek and Rotterdam.Info Coolsingel

Apr 20 2012 - DGJ + NAU win Award Marketing & Architecture

DGJ Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects Zürich and NAU Architecture have won the Award 2012 for Marketing & Architecture in Switzerland as best in the category "Department Stores, Shops, Client Centres and Flagship Stores"

Raiffeisen’s new branch on Zurich’s Kreuzplatz dissolves traditional barriers between customer and employee, casting the bank as a space of encounter. Advanced technologies make banking infrastructure largely invisible. The branch is becoming a light-filled, inviting environment where costumers can learn about new products and services.

The 3rd "Award for Marketing and Architecture" in 7 categories is for companies, institutions, architects, and their clients that use architecture as a high quality marketing tool, and was offered on April 20th at Jean Nouvel's KKL Lucerne.

Apr 20 2012 - Cadavre Exquis / exhibition / opening /

dutch architecture with landscape methods vol. 3

laboratory design analysis

Matthew Skjonsberg / Daniel Jauslin /

Contemporary architecture is increasingly influenced by the concept of landscape, and this is particularly the case in the Netherlands. Like at many other places, a new mindset is emerging, transforming the core values of the disciplines of architecture and urbanism with the notion of the organization of architectural space as a landscape. Through experiments, our lab develops methods to analyse such phenomena in focused studies of specific cases, understanding how architects use landscape not only as a metaphor, but also as a method to design buildings.  <p> 32 students selected and analyzed outstanding, built work of a wide field of architects from four generations of Dutch practitioners starting with Huig Maaskant (founder of the RAvB), Wim Quist, OMA, SANAA, Mecanoo, MVRDV, NOX, De Zwarte Hond, NL-Architects, Onyx, FACT, and MonderschijnMoonen. The students drew and built models of their analyses, where four layers are detachable as separate entities, and then played a game the surrealists called Cadavre Exquis.  <p>The result is a dismantled, floating olympic village for Rotterdam, which is exhibited at its site in the historic docklands RDM on the Heijplaat. Next generations are making their own city - off-iabr2012.

opening / 20.04.2012 11h00am book and model presentation
until / 15.06.2012 / mo th : 7h00 - 22h00 / tu we: - 19h00 / fr: - 20h00
location / rotterdamse academie van bouwkunst / innovation dock
heijplaat / rdm campus / rdm-straat 59 / haven#2600, rotterdam
route / ferry /

Apr 19 2012 - Lecture evening ifbau - Planning strategies between technology and building culture

Lecture Evening - Holistic Living Concepts

Lecturers: Hans Drexler, DGJ architects, Sebastian El Khouli, BGP architects

Sustainable Architecture demands an own design and mental attitude - an idea, an image, a vision of what architecture is or can be, and that is why it has always a utopian character. The aim is to improve architecture noticeably, instead of reducing the negative impact on the environment.

04/2012 - competitiononline - Award 2012 for Marketing+Architecture

In the newly designed Raiffeisen office space on the cross, the operating principle of the bank switch was overcome as a barrier between customers and employees. The store presents itself instead as "open bank", a space of encounter. Curved walls articulate the spatial continuum and create diverse visual links. They also mediate between open and discrete spaces that are used for counseling sessions and internal meetings. Portraits of famous neighborhood residents formed the motive for the digitally milled paneling and focus on the local roots of the bank. Bright colors help in conjunction with the optimized natural lighting the friendly atmosphere of the office.

Dec 12 2011 - Daniel Jauslin "Tuin- en Landschapsarchitect"

Daniel Jauslin has passed the Staatsexamen as "Tuin- en Landschapsarchitect" (Garden and Landscape Architect) in The Hague. Throughout the year 2011 he was tested by the exam-committee on 14 years of experience, 3 samples of work, 35 pages of thesis and a 8 day design project.
Of these 14 years he presented West8s Expoparc of Yverdon-les-Bains 2002, DGJs Landscape Projects for Zollikon (dgj013) a Visitor's Centre at Oostvaardersplassen near Lelystad (dgj143).
The Thesis was entitled "Landscape Methods in Architecture" and gave a introduction on landscape design theory in it's applicability to architecture, which is part of his current phd project in Delft.
The Design Assignment of a new A3 Highway from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (a bad idea of the local right wing minority) was tackled as a trick question. It turned into "A0: Europe's first Zero Emission Highway" that would be accessible only for electrical cars and covered with solar panels that reflect the Dutch sky - like an old waterway though the green polders. Hopefully anybody would reject this plan. It is dedicated as a tribute to the collective performance of 20th century planners in the Netherlands that conceived the Randstad and preserved the Green Hart by never building this once planned traffic route.
The new Diploma will legalize DGJ's practice, research and teaching of Landscape Architecture. By 2012 we will use the name “DGJ Architects & Landscapes" for the Rotterdam and Hong Kong branches.

Nov 17 2011 - Debate & Book Presentation: Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture

How Do You Landscape and

X Agendas for Architecture present

‘Aesthetics of Sustainable Architecture’

17 November 2011 | 17:30 - 17 November 2011 place: BK City, BK.CZ. A

Sang Lee (Chair of Public Building, faculty of Architecture TU Delft) and guests are debating on the aesthetic potentials of sustainable architecture and its practice. In contrast to the current model where sustainability is characterized through a collection of mechanistic parts or prescriptive certification schemes, this book opens a new area of scholarship and discourse in the design and production of sustainable architecture: one that is based in aesthetics. At its very core, the book underlines the connection that exists between our approach to the environment and sustainability on one hand, and our approach to certain aesthetic propositions and practices on the other.

17.30 Introduction by moderator Sang Lee

17.45 Lonn Combs (Easton Combs Architects, New York & Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY)

18.15 Patrick Teuffel (Teuffel Engineering Consultants, Stuttgart & Architectural Engineering, TU Delft)

18.45 Roundtable discussion

19.30 Drinks and snacks, book sale

ISBN 978 90 6450 752 6



Nov 09 2011 - Lectures, Architects & Landscapes

Lectures of Daniel Jauslin and Freddy Curiel

"Landscape Aesthetics for Sustainable Architecture" &

"DGJ Architects & Landscapes"

Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School

University Town of Shenzhen 深圳大学城

14:00 - 16:00 Schenzhen China

Sep 22 2011 - Exhibition 8 Architects for West 8 in Jenfeld Hamburg

In der Jenfelder Au Hamburg entstehen auf dem Gelände einer ehemaligen Kaserne insgesamt rund 770 Wohnungen. Das neue Quartier wird als Modellstadtteil für energieeffiziente und zukunftsschonende Stadtentwicklung Maßstäbe setzen.

Mit dem Preisgeld des International Urban Landscape Award (IULA) wurden  von West 8 acht Studien zu den Stadthäusern finanziert.

Vom 26. bis zum 29. September 2011 von 14-20 Uhr sowie am Sonntag, 02.10.2011 von 14-17 Uhr haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Pläne der Architekturbüros und ein Modell im Jenfeld-Haus zu betrachten (Charlottenburger Straße 1, 22045 Hamburg). Am 02.10.2011 mit Projektmanagerin des Bezirksamts.

Sep 05 2011 - Exhibition FSAI : Bauen auf Individualität since 1935

What is the role of Architects today in society, politics and culture?

Twelve renomated artists where asked by the swiss federation of independent architects FSAI to confront a architectural piece with photography. The result is a surprisingly inspiring and irritating exhibition about architecture.

With a short text about the perception of light by FSAI member Daniel Jauslin about this photography by Alessandro Fischer

5.9.2011 Vernissage 19h30 Architekturforum Ostschweiz

10.9.2011 Museumnacht St. Gallen from 18.00 bar until 1.00

19.9.2011 Finissage 19h30 mit Podiumsdiskussion

31.10.2011 Vernissage Hochschule Rapperswil HSR

June 25 2011 - Open Huis - Dag van de Architectuur

Only in Dutch: Ons woonhuis uit 1917 staat in Kralingen en is duurzaam gerestaureerd. De architecten tonen in een rondleiding hun werk. In de kelder is het bureau DGJ gevestigd, waar onze vergadertafel klaar staat voor een ping-pong toernooi.

Graag nodigen we jullie op de dag van de architecuur ook uit  voor de opening van detentoonstelling Min-i-Houses. Met duurzaam ontworpen woonhuizen in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Zollikon en Pigniu.

25 juni za 11-17u rondleidingen op het hele uur

25 juni - 9 juli ma, wo, za 11-17u tentoonstelling

Kijk op de BNA website

goed plan? architect!

June 18 2011 - Landscape Mirror Oerol 2011 - TU Delft Landscape Architecture

The first master students of Landscape Architecture at TU Delft collectively designed and perform Landscape Mirror, a passport project on the unique Oerol Festival 2011 in the Wadden Sea. DGJ sponsors the building permit procedure necessary to build a camera obscura.

The landscape of the island has many stories to tell, the festival audience will help mirror the island and discover the hidden qualities it has to offer. For the festival’s 10 students we will re-create the forest, town and polders of Terschelling. Come help us plant our trees, occupy the town, and reinforce our polder against the constant force of the sea and tide.

North Sea Beach Terschelling-Formerum (Lunatics & Zandzeebar)

Saturday 18 June through Sunday 26 June : 11-17h landscapemirror is on flickr twitter

May 20 2011 - West 8's Stolen Paradise at Maxxi Rome featuring Bridges co-authored by Daniel Jauslin

On May 20, the West 8 installation 'Il Paradiso Nascosto' (The Stolen Paradise) for the MAXXI Museum's exhibition series Nature was opened to the public. The exhibition features  a light, sensuous installation accompanied by seven of West 8’s projects which share the same spirit of poetic narrative as a dialogue between the artificial and the natural.

DGJ is proud that the Bridges of Borneo Sporenburg, represented by two models built by Vincent de Rijk in 1998 for Engineer meets Poet Exhibition at Aedes Berlin have been selected out of West 8's large oeuvre. The bridges that have become a key feature to Borneo Sporenburg plan in Amsterdam where designed at West 8 by Adriaan Geuze, Cyrus Clark and Daniel Jauslin (later co-founder of DGJ) between 1997 and 1999.

The exhibition is the second event in the NATURE series to establish a dialogue between international contemporary architecture and the museum (designed by Zaha Hadid) itself.

The West 8 exhibition in Rome is open until 21 August 2011. Source

Apr 18 2011 - DGJ Rotterdam Spring Gardening

Webcam of our garden transformation: DGJ Rotterdam and Mascha Leummens designed their new garden for dgj123 Urban Family House Kralingen. It is being build by Gardener John Groeneweg from Rotterdam starting 18. April 2011. It will be ready for visiting and open studio at the day of architecture 25. june 2011.

Apr 11 2011 - How Do You Landscape? Memory&Idea at TU Delft

Starting April 2011, speakers from different professional backgrounds and with contrasting approaches are invited to reflect on the meaning of LANDSCAPE in their work in a series of monthly lectures.

14.4.2011 Erik A. De Jong & Marc Volger 

19.5.2011 Jelle Reumer & Bruno Doedens (SLeM) 

9.6.2011 Salomon Kroonenberg & G.Seifert or Stöckmann (formalhaut®)

for place time & details see our lectures


Feb 15 2011 - NAU & DGJ win competition for public bath in Sierre

premier prix. : « Côte Sauvage », ARGE NAU + DGJ

Under project lead of the born valaisan Jean-Lucien Gay of NAU coop the Zurich joint-venture of DGJ and NAU win the competition for refurbishment of the Géronde Beach public baths in Sieders/Sierre, Valais, Switzerland.

Everything is flowing. In a architectural landscape man and nature are connected. The jury welcomes the "interpenetration of nature and built."

The winning pojects are exhibited at the Maison Tavelli in Sierre from February 17 - 27

this is confirmed in several newspapers and this official news and image source:

Jan 12 2011 - DGJ present movie about sustainable building for Zollikon

in 2009 DGJ won in a competition for sustainable building with the Minimum Impact House. The prize was a movie production by movilution from Augsburg, that is finished now. The short movie about sustainable building for Zollikon is now ond DGJs You Tube Chanel in 4 parts DGJDasGehtJa.

2011 - DGJ + NAU Architecture: Design Award Switzerland

In the new designed Raiffeisen agency at the Kreuzplatz in Zürich, Switzerland the functional principle of the counter as a barrier between client and employee were vanquished. The bank presents itself as an "open bank", as a meeting space. Curved walls form the space continuum and offer variant visual connections. At the same time the walls mediate between open and intimate rooms which are ment for consultancies and intern meetings. Portraits of famous district inhabitants represent the motive for the digital cut wall-panels and deal with the local roots of the bank. Light colours support in combination with the natural lightning the friendly atmosphere of the agency.

Nov 30 2010 - dgj154 with ERNE 2nd with Best Architectural Concept at Rhine Falls

DGJ Architects arrived 2nd with their design Total Contacter Offer of ERNE Holzbau AG. ERNE's joint-venture with DGJ for a new Kindergarden in Uhwiesen Zürich near Schaffhausen was given 72,2% of the points for Design and the winner 71,4%. Also the Building shedule was judged better. Nevertheless Team ERNE AG Jolzbau Laufenburge came in 2nd after Zehnder Holz & Bau Winterthur due to cost and preliminary Qualification documents. ERNE was the general contractor of dgj080 Zollerkberg and since maintain a closed and inspiring relationship with DGJ. The Uhwiesen project would have been an unique learning environment for 2 classes of Kindergarden in this Landscaped setting closed to the Rhinefall. We congratulate the winners and wish the Laufen-Uhwiesen elementary school all the best with the project of their choice.

Nov 24 2010 - Housing Congress: The Belgian House in Sealand NL

DGJ is particiating with the Belgian House at the Housing Conference  (only in dutch):

De provincie Zeeland, RWS partner in wonen en het samenwerkingsverband CBK Zeeland, HZG en BNA Kring Zeeland organiseren op 24 november aanstaande in Middelburg een inspirerend congres over wonen in Zeeland onder de titel:

Nieuwe tijden, nieuwe praktijken, nieuwe allianties

Het Wooncongres Zeeland biedt de deelnemers inzicht in de actuele stand van zaken op de woningmarkt. De woningmarkt gaat fundamenteel veranderen. Onder invloed van demografische en economische veranderingen zullen woonwensen verschuiven. Hoe gaan wij daarmee om, welke nieuwe onorthodoxe en inspirerende verbindingen worden daardoor noodzakelijk?

Nov 17 2010 - SimpleDoubleDeux as Blickfang

For the 2nd time Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects show their bed simpledoubledeux at  the bickfang fair. This is a show case of  innovative designs and multi-facetted cereations in furniture, fashion and jewelry design at Kongresshaus Zurich. Stand numbrer 0.39

Nov 11 2010 - The 8th International Symposium on ArchitecturalInterchanges in Asia

Daniel Jauslin TU Delft will speak 11.11. 13h30 in Kiyakyushu about his PhD subject

Architecture with Landscape Methods

Case Study of the Rolex Learning Centre Lausanne by SANAA Tokyo

Asian View:Order and Wisdom for the Future

The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia (ISAIA) is a biennial International Symposium co-sponsored by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) together with the Architectural Society of China and the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK). The 8th ISAIA isscheduled to be held on November 9~12, 2010 in Kitakyushu, and hosted by AIJ. The organizing committee of ISAIA welcomes professors, architects, building engineers, researchers and studentsto take part in the symposium.'The International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia' was established to promotecommunication with people in the rest of Asia and cooperate for the development of 21st Asianarchitecture and culture in 1986.

Okt 21 2010 - How Do You Landscape? Here&There - 2nd Lecture Series TU Delft

How do you Landscape? Here & There.

From October 2010 on the Landscape Architecture chair is to organise a public lecture on the place of landscape in the work of Dutch and international designers every 3rd Thursday of the month. The focus of this 2nd lecture series is on the specific conditions of work in their home or in international context. If landscape is about the meaning of place, what is the influence of that specific place on a designers working attitude? Each session a designer from "here", working in or from the Netherlands will meet a designer from "there". Differences and similarities of the two speakers are to be discussed with questions from the audience.

21 October Silvia Karres (Karres en Brands) NL & Erik Dhont B

18 November Alessandra Ciancheta (AWP)F & Lodewijk Baljon NL

16 December Berno Strootman NL & Joaõ Gomes da Silva P

20 January Marlies van Diest NL & Eelco Hooftman (Gross.Max) GB


Okt 10 2010 - DGJ at SB10 in Maastricht! 10.-13.10. 2010

Sustainable building is not a vision for the future but very much a current issue and absolutely essential. In the Maas-Rijn Euregion there is a large amount of knowledge available. The international conference Sustainable Building 2010 (SB10) wishes to be a platform for that knowledge where examples of sustainable building and research can be displayed.


SB10 is an applied scientific conference which focuses on the practice of sustainable building. It translates a variety of scientific topics into a very complete and high-quality programme, with numerous top speakers and enough room for Euroregional excursions and activities. This lends the three day conference an interesting and pleasurable character. It is a must for everybody with a direct or indirect connection with sustainable building.
We are therefore pleased to invite you to the SB10 conference. We hope to see you on 11, 12 and 13 October in Maastricht, Hasselt, Liège and Aachen.
DGJ will present their Paper "The Minimum Impact House Applications of the Frankfurt Prototype for sustainable building in Cities of the European Rhine Region" by Hans Drexler, Daniel Jauslin and Federico Curiel.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


The Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft is proud to announce the launch of its 5th master track: Landscape Architecture, starting in September 2010. You are invited to attend the official opening of the track and the adjoining symposium ‘The Landscape model’ on Tuesday the 31st of August from 2 pm to 5 pm in the East Serre of the Faculty of Architecture in Delft.

2:00 pm Welcome Prof. Ir. Wytze Patijn Dean

2:15 pm Introduction new programme Assoc. Prof. René van der Velde

2:30 pm  lecture ‘The Landscape model’ Prof. Christophe Girot ETH Z

3:15 pm Presentations  models Assoc. Prof. Inge Bobbink

5:00 pm Drinks

Including models from: Bureau Hosper, B+B, Ingrid Siliakus, HNS, Search, OMA, Rietveld Landscapes + Atelier de Lyon, Anna Holtrop, Vista, Wageningen UR, West8, TU Delft, Anouk Vogel

Einladung/Poster download

Aug 30 2010 - Häuser von morgen - Das Bauen der Zukunft on 3sat TV

On TV. Hans Drexler as Talking Head: in german only: Es ist ein neues Zeitalter angebrochen: Zum ersten Mal in der Geschichte des Bauens gibt es sogenannte Plusenergiehäuser: Gebäude, die mehr Energie produzieren, als sie verbrauchen. Es ist auch höchste Zeit. Denn Häuser gehören heute zu den größten Energiefressern. Über die neuesten Ideen und Möglichkeiten. First Programming: 30.08.2010, 21.30 Uhr 3sat Mediathek. Play Video (german only)

June 20 2010 - Daniel Jauslin wins this goat at TU Delft Repository!

For the 16'000st scientific publication on the TU Delft Institutional Repository the unknowing researcher won a goat for a family in Bangladesh. The honours are willingly shared with co-author Denise Piccinini and the students of the Minor Landscape Architecture 2009. Every 1000st upload into this public access database with works of all university members is honored with this usefull price. Goats mow the grass and fertilize it. A great thank you with a smile to the TU Delft Repository manged by the TU Delft Library. Publish or perish - dass schläck kä Gaiss wäg.

You get published - they get a goat!

June 18 2010 - dgj153 Opening China Duty Free Headquarters Hong Kong

"On the afternoon of June 18, 2010, the elevator of the seventh floor of the East Ocean Center at Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, was surrounded by dozens of flower baskets in order, which welcomed guests who came to express their congratulations in succession. The party in celebration of Hong Kong CDF’s location at the new office drew its curtain in a sea of congratulations." qoute from News Center

June 10 2010 - PhD go (/ no go) Daniel Jauslin at TU Delft

15h00 Berlagezaal TU Delft Faculty of Architecture Julianalaan 134

The proposed PhD subject of Daniel Jauslin at TU Delft was evaluated and admitted in a public Presentation with peer review. This so called first-year-presentation showed the methodological approach and sample of work of the planned PhD thesis with the Titel "Architecture with Landscape Methods". The sample chapter is an analysis of the Rolex Learning Centre at EPFL Lausanne by SANAA that has been opened this February.

The document will is available as pdf on

cover picture © Ariel Huber / SANAA / EPFL

Apr 26 2010 - 09.05.2010 Exhibition Minihouses for Frankfurt

Exhibition: Plusenergiehaus Goetheplatz, Frankfurt. Mo. - Sa. 10:00 until 18:00.

The exhibition shows examples of minihouse in left-over city spaces in the city-center of Frankfurt. The exhibits are designed by Drexler Guinand Jauslin architects and the design-class of the department of energy-efficient building design Prof. Manfred Hegger of the Technical University Darmstadt.

Apr 25 2010 - Book publikation OUT NOW: Minimum Impact House - Prototype for Sustainable Building

This minibook summarizes the results of the three-year research project and the developement of the prototype house.


The Miniboook is published
;Müller + Bussmann, Wupperthal erschienen.
188 pages (English and German) 14,80 Euro

The Minibook is published by Müller + Busmann, Wuppertal.

188 pages (English and German) 14,80 Euro


188 pages (English and German) 14,80 Euro



Apr 22 2010 - Smart homes and city houses. Prefab housing industry discusses new ways.

The industry of prefab houses organizes a symposium that discusses new way of opening new markets in city centers and energy-efficient homes.

Okt 13 2009 - Minihouses awarded "Green Building Frankfurt" of the city of Frankfurt

"Green Building Frankfurt" recognizes buildings which address the challenge of climate change and architecture.

June 16 2009 - Minihouses wins national award "Effizienzhaus" of German Energy Agency and the Federal Building Ministery

The German Energy Agency DENA and the Federal Ministery of Trafffic, Building, and Urbanism awarded the national winner of the 'Effizienzhaus' which combines energy-efficiency with high quality architecture.

Okt 23 2008 - Timber Award Hessen - honorable mention for Minihouse

Minihouse wins an honorable mention in the award for timber buildings and constructions, which is awarded by the secretary of building every two years.

Jan 10 2008 - Exemplary Buildings in the county Hessen

Every other year the ministery of building and finance with the chamber of architecture awards a special price for exemplary building.

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