dgj173 canopy bus station and train station square Schwerzenbach, Schwerzenbach, CH , 2011


The train station square in Schwerzenbach creates a new urban space. It's a welcoming place which invites to stay and walk along in a pleasant atmosphere. The bus station is proposed with a strong character and a sculptural roof. The design is striking and individual. With the development of the bus station and train station square originates a place for the municipality which does not only comply the functional needs of the users but creates a distinctive identity and represents the first impression for the community. The roof of the bus station is a composition of different treelike elements which together forms a unity.

The roof is layered with lozenge patterns which form the openings to make the waiting area freely, bright and welcoming. The rhombuses are covered with glas panels to offer enough weather protection. It arises an exciting light and shadow play which reminds an abstract canopy.

项目时间 Apr 29 2011 - Sep 02 2011
功能Infrastructure, Landscape
建筑面积 5,304 m²
预算 3.5 Mio. CHF
客户 municipality Schwerzenbach
委任方Invited Competition
项目阶段: Competition Entry