dgj035 Green Room is an installation that investigates how space, interior, architecture, inside, and outside constituted., Zollikon, CH , 2003


In 2001 DGJ won the competition for the master plan of the public spaces of Zollikon a small city next to Zurich. This led to an on-going cooperation with the city council mainly the building department. In 2002 the building department commissioned DGJ to redesign their offices and the meeting area for the citizens. The large bar forms an informal, casual conference table on top of which the plans and documents can be spread. The drawers underneath hold the filing cabinet with the documents for the meetings. On the back wall of the meeting area a 1:500 city map is screen printed which is helpful for locating the discussed projects during the meetings and support the understanding of spaces and the city structure.

The proposal for the master plan of the public spaces was based on the city colour red, blue, and silver- The refurbishment takes up that concept using mainly aluminum and slate.


Behind the wall the non-public office areas are located. The layout of the working environment had been Taylor-made for each employee. Also the furniture was custom made and individually designed to meet the exceptionally high quality standard of the elegant city of Zollikon.

项目时间 2001 - 2003
功能Commercial. Office Building
地址 Bergstrasse 20, Zollikon
客户 Zollikon Municipality
委任方Direct Comission
项目阶段: built work