dgj166 Mobile Toilet Container, Frankfurt am Main, Germany , 2011

Fotograf: dgj

Fotograf: dgj


Pastures are in the form of baskets, as well as building material for thousands of years of human culture. The course materiality combined with the elaborate structure that was to be rich ornamentation developed predestine a special aesthetic quality, the pastures have designs especially for structures in landscape and horticulture.

Cradle to Cradle: 100% renewable and 100% recycling

Goal of "Willow" is to use a structure consisting of one hundred percent renewable and reusable materials. The very simple design task is an ideal application for the Cradle to Cradle strategy, whereby the development of products so that can all the raw materials necessary for their use, recycled for the production of equivalent products completely. This resource consumption is reduced to zero in the long term.

Important for a complete recycling is the easy separability of the structural components into pure resources. That is why, Willow joined 'exclusively with detachable plug and screw connections, which allow a separation of resources by the use cycle.

项目时间 Mar 01 2011 - Aug 10 2011
地址 Frankfurt Wörthspitze, Frankfurt am Main
建筑面积 1 m²
建筑体积 4 m³
预算 4,500 EUR
报价 2
客户 City of Frankfurt Real Estate and Property Office
委任方Invited Competition
项目团队: Joachim Schulze
项目合伙人: Barbara Leonardi
项目阶段: prepearing to build
Leistungsphasen:Building Permit, Preparing to Build, Buidling Supervision