dgj006 Spacesuit Technorama Wintertur, Winterthur, CH , 2000


The Space Suit-project suggests a second skin for the Technorama capable of organizing the visitors flow as well as the exchange of information and phenomena between the inside and the outside. It contains all the technical and visitor’s infrastructure that is required to support the museum. At the same time its media communication and reacting to internal and external process operating like a display that projects what is happening and exhibited in the museum to the outside. 
In Between: The Space Suit explores the in-between condition that is neither inside nor outside. Its space is dynamic, animated by the movement of the visitors and the flow of information between the inside and the outside. The transition becomes an articulated process and space.

Orientation: The second skin is an interface between inside and outside. By partially penetrating the existing facade a sense of orientation is introduced in the exhibition spaces: The circulation system is visible from inside and outside and establishes a connection of the space inside the museum and the landscape outside.

Circualtion: Accessing the building on a huge ramp, that connects the landscape with the interior, the visitor find the information desk to the right. An escalator transports the visitor two the third floor. On a generous platform with the cash desks the groups can gather and wait. A bridge connects the platform with the lecturer spaces.

Lunch platform: Parallel to the escalator a ramp system is installed, which incorporates patches of soft landscapes. Those patches can be used to sit down and have a pick-nick during lunchtime. In the façade mobile show cases move around that contain small exhibits from the exhibition. Their movement is triggered when people move on the ramps. At the same time they make the visitors curious and provoke movements of the visitors on the ramp. 
The movement of the mobile showcases and the visitor is perceived as a spatial choreography behind the huge glass façade from outside.

Shop: The shop is part of the internal infrastructure of the spacesuit. It is a triple high space that contains the shelves and cashdesk on the ground-floor. When the visitor access the exhibition on the third floor or change from floor to floor in the exhibition they cross that vertical space, that has parts of the circulation in it, looking down into the shop.

项目时间 06/2000 - 10/2000
功能Museum. Exhibition, Representative. Trade Fare
地址 Technoramastraße 1, Winterthur
建筑面积 2,200 m²
建筑体积 8,900 m³
预算 4.5 Mio. CHF
委任员 Technorama Winterthur
项目合伙人: Paul WK Lee
项目阶段: Awarded Competition Entry