dgj040 Sportscape Calw, Calw, Germany , 2003


The site for the sport’s centre is an artifitial railway plateau overlooking the valley and the city of Calw. The size of the existing buildings is much smaller than the sport center, which suggested that the it should be integrated into landscape rather than form a building.

The brief was a complex logistical exercise, incorporating a civic sportshall and a privately owned club centre that required co-dependence but clear division for legal purposes. Moreover, construction needed to be phased, with the possibility that the sports centre would not be built, or partly subsumed within the sportshall. Additional facilities to be provided included a multi-storey carpark, two pedestrian bridges, a running track, an in-line skating track, a volleyball court and an all-purpose playing field, all on a site of restricted width.

It was felt at the outset that the imposition of a large-volume sportshall as an object in isolation would be insensitive to the human scale of Calw's environs; the first strategic move was to partially submerge the sportshall into the existing plateau and form a timber deck above it by relocating the excavated soil to merge harmoniously with the natural landscape. Sport’s Landscape is a second landscape layer on top of the plateau. The large volumes has been lowered into the ground so that a continous platform is formed which covers the whole center and contains all the outdoor facilities. The new timber-clad landscaping becomes a welcoming forum for the community providing unobstructed views of the surrounding countryside. This undulating viewing platform also provides public circulation along a north-south axis; It extents into the city and the forrest on the other side over the railway tracks by forming two additional elegant bridges connecting from the western side of the River Nagold to the forest to the east of the railway tracks.

项目时间 Okt 01 2002 - Jan 01 2003
功能Sport. Leasure, Landscape
地址 Bahnhofstrasse , Calw
建筑面积 12,000 m²
建筑体积 36,000 m³
预算 1.8 Mio. EUR
客户 Community Calw
项目合伙人: Paul WK Lee, Edward Liu
项目阶段: Competition Entry