dgj171 dgj171 SPARK, China, China , 2012

spa + park


The client’s demand was to set a new series of activity in support of the exhisting cultural theme park; the new expansion should have hosted a beauty and wellness centre, and at the same time represent some Chinese minorities.

The starting point of the design is the understanding that an activity for healthy body and mind should be taken care of in the proper place. Therefore the idea of spreading the functional program required onto the large available surface of the plot, that should have maintained the characteristics of a park.

The main clubhouse is the main receptive building, while several activities are split in different pavillions, shaped as stones. The possibility of staying over is satisfied thanks to a diffused hotel set above the artificial lakes, reassembling the typical resort-like palafits, ensuring different sizes for different needs and users, each one with his own semi-private outdoor garden.

The inspiration of the design comes from the garden seen as the very first appropriation and experience of Nature by humans; especially the stones garden resembles both the idea of timeless and sculpture garden. The design process is very straight forward: the new landscape is properly shaped recreating a series of continuos hills and passages as if they were carved by a rake, and the pavillions are sequencely placed recreating the sensation of a scaled-up stones garden.

The different elements of the new intervention are enhancing the existing context as well as creating the unique landscape that, itself, could work as a main attractor.

The two entities of the Spa and the Park are combined into the SPARK from which the regeneration of the area will arise.

Projektzeitraum 06/2011 - 2012
NutzungSport. Freizeit. , Landschaft
Fläche 60.000 m²
AuftragsartDirektauftrag, Studie
Mitarbeiter: Freddy Curiel, Daniel Jauslin
Projektstatus: in Planung